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Commander Rich Sartore, Victorian Navy

Ahoy, and welcome aboard the SEAWARSTORE™ web site, flagship for the SEEKRIEG line of products and your source for all sorts of unique and fun stuff for the really serious naval wargamer and naval history buff!

Please feel free to browse the wide variety of naval-related products here at the SEAWARSTORE. These products are geared towards those of you interested in the warships and navies of the world from about 1800 through 1945 and I have tried to organize and present the merchandise as clearly as possible.

Unfortunately, due to increasing prices from suppliers We are in the process of reducing our inventory and the lines of products offered here at SEAWARSTORE. As a result, many items are being discontinued and will no longer be available once the current stock is gone. While this does NOT apply to the SEEKRIEG line of products, it DOES apply to the many shirts, mugs, coasters, accessories and other wargame rules currently listed here on the SEAWARSTORE web site. So, if there is an item of particular interest to you, please consider placing an order soon as choices of sizes and styles will be limited to in-stock inventory.

So, you may ask, why the heck am I doing all this? I have been an avid (some would say fanatical) naval wargamer since 1971 and have been offering many of these products and serving online customers as the SEEKRIEG STORE since 2003. Most of the products offered here are things I've been wanting for many years -- I just decided to have them all made so fellow wargamers would not have to look far and wide. So rest assured that your orders and inquires are being handled by someone who is not only a kindred spirit, but one who is committed to providing quality products and service.

If you're not already playing naval wargames, please have a look at some of the naval miniatures rules and naval games available on our site. Naval wargaming is a fascinating hobby enjoyed by young and old alike and there are many naval wargames currently available to suite your budget, preference for detail and available space and playing time. For a complete site map, please visit our Store Directory.

We do accept credit card orders (VISA, AMEX, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER) in addition to PayPal through our online shopping cart. Please see the ORDERING INFO navigation button on the menu bar above for details.

If you're new to the naval wargaming hobby, please check the Naval Wargames and Naval Wargaming page for more information and a few pointers. You can also download our mini-catalog and & complete product list in PDF format using the links below:

  • SEAWARSTORE Mini-Catalog (PDF Format)

  • Mail Order Form & Product List (PDF Format)

  • For naval miniatures rules and naval wargames, check out these pages of our site:

    SEEKRIEG 5 Naval Warfare 1880-1945
    Avalanche Press Naval Boardgames - Second World War At Sea
    Avalanche Press Naval Boardgames - Great War At Sea
    Command At Sea Rules (WW2 era)
    Fear God & Dread Nought, Dawn Of The Rising Sun Rules (WW1/Predreadnought era)
    Naval Miniatures Rules - GQ3, Victory at Sea, Battle Stations! Battle Stations!, Close Action & more
    Naval Reference & Information

    We have a wide variety of naval theme mugs, coasters and shirts. Our naval mugs and coasters include such unique designs as United States Navy Rank Mugs featuring the First Navy Jack (DONíT TREAD ON ME), Imperial German Navy Hochseeflotte High Seas Fleet Rank Mugs, IJN Imperial Japanese Navy Nihon Kaigun Rank Mugs, British Royal Navy Rank Mugs featuring the White Ensign and others featuring famous naval battles and commanders.

    Our line of naval battle shirts and naval ensign shirts include Battle of Tsushima shirts, USN Admiral Nimitz CINCPAC shirts, Admiral Nelson Royal Navy shirts, Admiral von Spee's East Asia Cruiser Squadron shirts, German Battleship Bismarck shirt, Fisher's HMS Dreadnought shirt, IJN Combined Fleet shirts, Battle of Dogger Bank shirts, Confederate States Navy shirts, Naval Battles of Guadalcanal shirts, Gray Funnel Line shirts, Great White Fleet Centennial shirts, IJN Yamato and Admiral Yamamoto shirts, Battle of Jutland shirts and more.

    Our naval ensign shirts include an Austro-Hungarian naval ensign (KuK Kriegsmarine) shirt, Imperial German Naval Ensign (Hochseeflotte) shirt, Royal Navy White Ensign shirt, US Navy First Navy Jack (DONíT TREAD ON ME) shirt, Imperial Japanese Navy (Nihon Kaigun) shirt, Italian Navy (Regia Marina) shirt and many others. And don't forget our 12x18 naval ensigns and national flags for the game table.

    For flags, naval mugs, coasters, tote bags, shirts and more, please check these pages of our site:

    12x18 Flags for the Game Table
    Naval Battle & Flag Mugs, Coasters and Boxes
    Naval Battle & Theme Shirts
    Naval Ensign Shirts
    Naval Gaming Gear
    Avalanche Press Naval Game T-Shirts

    By the way, if you think of a particular type or style of product you would like to see here at the SEAWARSTORE, hoist a signal and I’ll do my best to respond.  Likewise, if you have any questions or have any suggestions to make your experience a better one, please let me know.

    Thanks for stopping by and here's wishing you great gaming!

    Your Host,
    Rich Sartore
    Commander, Victorian Navy

    (Yes, I really am a commander in the Victorian Navy and you can be, too.  Simply visit the web site and buy your commission – a tradition still available to those of us lacking the skill to obtain the real thing.  At the same time you will be supporting the efforts to save one of the oldest metal warships still in existence -- HMVS CERBERUS.)


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