Avalanche Press Naval Boardgames
Second World War At Sea

These very popular naval boardgames offer colorful die-cut counters and cover the 1898 to 1945 era of naval warfare in two series; GREAT WAR AT SEA (GWAS) and SECOND WORLD WAR AT SEA (2WWAS).

Great War At Sea games cover the age of the dreadnoughts; 1898-1930. Players move their fleets on the operational map, and when contact is made, resolve battles on the tactical map. A wealth of historical information matched with quick-playing rules. Second World War At Sea games are similar but cover World War 2 naval campaigns. Players move fleets and air flights on the operational map, resolving battles on the tactical map.

Second World War At Sea Arctic Convoy
Arctic Convoy

Arctic Convoy covers the Allied attempts to push convoys through the Norwegian and Barents Seas while German air and naval forces try to stop them. Famous convoy operations like those of PQ12 and PQ17, British carrier raids, German-Soviet destroyer skirmishes along the Arctic coast are included with the 16 page rulebook, 24 scenarios, two 34x22 operational maps, one 25x25 tactical map, 210 1" counters and 420 1/2" counters.
Second World War At Sea Black Sea Fleets
Black Sea Fleets


Black Sea Fleets is a 64-page supplement for the 2WWAS series and covers Stalin's plans for a dominant fleet in the Black Sea, plus the fleets and naval air forces of Turkey and Romania. Players will need Bomb Alley to enjoy almost all of the scenarios and Leyte Gulf to enjoy the rest of them. Includes seventy 1" long" ship pieces and 140 standard-sized pieces.
Second World War At Sea East of Suez
East of Suez

East of Suez is a 64-page scenario book for the Second World War at Sea series. It covers the British Pacific Fleet in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the last years of World War II plus the Soviet Pacific Fleet. Articles and scenarios describe the operations executed and those planned by the British Eastern and Pacific Fleets from 1943 to 1946.Includes with the scenario book are 210 mounted and die cut counters.
Second World War At Sea Bismarck


The game covers the famous hunt for the Bismarck and all of the other German commerce raids into the Atlantic between the fall of 1939 and the summer of 1941, including the breakout of the battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Includes: twelve scenarios, two 34x22-inch maps covering the area from north of Iceland south to Spain, 23"x17" tactical map, 280 counters, 24-page rulebook.
Second World War At Sea Midway

Midway: Turning Point in the Pacific covers the 1942 carrier operations the Pacific War with 11 separate scenarios. Included are 24"x18" tactical map, 35"x24" operational map, 590 1/2" game pieces and 280 1" game pieces, 24-page series rule book, 16-page scenario book, 1 player aid card and 4 organizational cards.
Second World War At Sea Eastern Fleet
Eastern Fleet


Covers the 1942 operations of the British Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean in 11 scenarios. The operational map depicts the eastern half of the Indian Ocean. Includes: 32"x22" strategic map, 11"x17" tactical map, 210 counters, 12-page rulebook, 12-page scenario book, 2 player aid cards, 1 organizational card.
Second World War At Sea Strike South
Strike South

Second World War At Sea Series: In a daring five-month campaign, Japanese air, land and naval forces conquered a vast segment of the Earth’s surface from its American, British, Dutch and Australian defenders. Strike South includes: Two 32"x22" strategic maps, 11"x17" tactical map, 420 game pieces, 12-page rulebook, 12-page scenario book, 2 player aid cards, 1 organizational card.
Second World War At Sea Leyte Gulf
Leyte Gulf


The Battles of Leyte Gulf and the Philippine Sea! Leyte Gulf is one of the largest wargames ever published, and it covers both of these battles plus many more. Included are 25"x25" tactical map, three 35"x24" operational maps, 2,170 game pieces, 24-page rule book, 24-page scenario book, two player aid cards, six organizational cards. Also includes variant orders of battle.
Second World War At Sea Bomb Alley
Bomb Alley


Second World War At Sea Series: For three years, Britain and Italy struggled for control of the Mediterranean Basin. While the Italian Navy tried to keep the sea lanes open from north to south, the British fought to do the same on the east-west route. Includes 50 scenarios, 280 "large" playing pieces, 560 small ones, three maps.